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Yesterday, I spent all day at the MadCap Roadshow in the Toronto Hilton. It was informative, and made me realize I really need to get a grip on CSS 2.0 and HTML5. Fortunately, I've always liked web-coding by hand, so all I need is a project.... which will probably end up being website revamp. Hmm.

Also, the Hilton gets full points for service. Not only did we get hot breakfast (were promised only continental) but also a full lunch (were told we were on our own for lunch). Lunch also contained meat, vegetarian, and vegan options, and when I inquired about mayo (bane of my existence) on the veggie wraps, I was promptly provided with a freshly made vegetarian sandwich sans mayo. Kudos!

Last night I finally tackled the looming ancient tech pile and removed the old, unused stuff from the condo. Having hazardous waste drop-off in the basement is very handy. I pulled the hard drives out of the incredibly heavy tower case, stuck the bigger one in an external enclosure, and hauled the tower to the basement. Also got rid of a box of old audio/video cards, assorted unused cables, and the mostly dead 13" MSI laptop (saved the hard drive and made it an external drive, too). is hard to let go of old tech. But having sat on it for more than a year in hopes of "repurposing" somehow, it was time to let go. Being a 6 PC household of 2 people was uncalled for.

Then, I sacrificed a metal coat-hanger to repair my found-object globe (pic beneath the cut).

And is if all that accomplishing weren't enough, I also downloaded Ubuntu 12.04 (which took three tries to get an intact 700MB file. WTH, Rogers?), created a bootable USB flash drive (3x), and did a fresh install on the teeny Acer Aspire One netbook that has been languishing in some half-broken Linux state for about half a year now. I ran into a syslinux bug, but after poking the internet, managed to come up with an effective-for-this-case workaround.

All in all, I feel very accomplished. And next week is vacation. Woot!


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