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Vacation seemed like a great idea: with Nuit Blanche, my birthday, and wedding anniversary in one week, why not?

Well, on Tuesday, we got test results back for the lump in our cat's throat. I suppose it was better than finding out - while at work - that he has thyroid cancer. He's a speshul snowflake - it's extremely rare in cats.


Then on Thursday morning, something went wrong in my right foot, and I've spent the past three days with it propped up on a pillow, alternating ice and ibuprofen. Fun times for this gorgeous weekend.


Did I get any writing done? No, of course not. But I did do a bunch of knitting.

Happy Thanksgiving. I am thankful (and not sarcastically) that my life is good enough that I can complain about these #firstworldproblems.

Back to work tomorrow, where I apparently need to Fix ALL the Things, as my co-workers have been missing me desperately, I was told.
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Spouse and I have been staying with friends who acquired a puppy about a week before we arrived. Puppy is kind of adorkable, except for the inevitable need to gnaw everything fleshy or otherwise. I had managed to avoid being actually blooded by said puppy, but this morning he dragged a tooth across my wrist and left his mark.

Last night puppy managed to upend an entire bowl of chopped tomatoes, much to his delight. A fast grab meant he only inhaled a half dozen pieces at most.

Needless to say, I have been cured of ever wanting a puppy puppy again. Our pre-trained, 7-year old Chow was a much better fit.


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