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I sold my first story to Crossed Genres on my birthday weekend, three years ago. It really does not seem like that long.

About six months later, my story "Detuned" was a runner-up in the AE Micro contest.

Two months after that, I sold "Carefully Constructed" to CG for Issue 20: Lies. I was especially proud of this one, as it is set in the same world as my novel-under-revision, and features one of the secondary characters.

With those successes under my belt (and some kind words of encouragement on a couple of rejections from Kay, too), I submitted "Turning" to The Monster Book For Girls anthology - and sold it.

This year, despite a couple of intriguing genres, I didn't manage to get anything written for CG, but I did submit to Dagan Books' FISH anthology - and sold "I Know A Secret" to them.

None of which I would have tried, if not for that first sale to CG.

So while I am sad to see the magazine close, I know that the novels and anthologies Bart and Kay put together will be awesome, and I look forward to all the shiny new things they create.


Oct. 1st, 2011 02:24 pm
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My flash story "I Know A Secret" will appear in Dagan Books FISH anthology, to be released on February 8th, 2012.
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Been meaning to post this for a while, since I found Terry had put it up on an open forum.

The TOC for The Monster Book for Girls, slated for launch at FantasyCon 2011 in Brighton at the end of September.

TOC (including me!) )
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This month is the last month to read/buy Crossed Genres Issue 20 Lies, which includes my short story Carefully Constructed.

This wasn't my first short story sale, but it is probably my favourite, because it's set in the world of my (unpublished, under revision) novel. Jaz, the protagonist of "Carefully Constructed", is one of the main characters in the novel.

Other things of note:

Science In My Fiction is currently running their second annual contest. Get your submissions in before August 31st!

Kay's most recent blog post may be of particular interest to those plotting Off-Earth adventures.

CGP is also still open to submissions of spec-fic novels. Guidelines here.

And of course, the theme for this month's Crossed Genres Magazine submissions is Sidekicks & Minions. Get your subs in before the end of the month.

(If you're working ahead and prepping for July submission, remember the theme for July is Villains - but don't submit until July!)

And finally - CGP will be releasing Kelly Jenning's novel Broken Slate on July 15th. Spread the word! You can read the first 8 chapters online!

Oops, one more: In non-Crossed Genres news, Red Stone Science Fiction is running a contest as well. The identity-themed story contest runs until August 15.

I'm sure there are others that deserve a shout-out, but that's all I can think of right now.
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March the first, already, hmm? Let's see if I can't at least do 3 things make a post.

Thing the first: After much debate and planning, we're getting a puppy. She's a four month old Pomeranian. Name is still under debate. We're picking her up on Thursday night. In preparation for introducing puppy to household with senior cat, we acquired a Feliway diffuser. So far it seems to only be confusing the cat.

Thing the second: I did a first pass at our taxes last night (on paper, because I actually don't mind doing them by hand), and due to various circumstances from last year that resulted in me overpaying the government, I'm likely to get a fairly substantial chunk of money back. This is a pleasant surprise.

Thing the third: Cyberpunk novel rewrite progesses. Spouse is proving invaluable in articulating and expanding world-building concepts that I have written intuitively. (What? We only share a brain part-time.)

...I'm sure there were other things. In fact, there were other things while I was typing, but they have escaped me again. Argh.

Oh. I still have #SFContario notes to type and post. Those need to get done before Ad Astra. Sheesh.
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One would think, skimming the scant content of this journal, that I don't write very much. Rather, I don't write *here* very much, as here is supposed to be pseudo-professional. (I prefer to keep my fan-squeeing and other acts of temporary insanity in the comfort of my fannish journal.)

Appearances are what they are, though, and the words still happen. They just happen elsewhere, or in conversation with my spouse, or in the privacy of my own head. I'm not one to focus on word count -- for me that is one of the fastest creativity killers.

I am plotting two or three stories, but still lacking a comfortable place for transcribing them -- by which I mean the physical technology and software comfort, not a space to sit. I still don't know what to do about replacing my Macbook. Netbook screens are just *that* much too small, and my "work" Acer is too big. Dilemma. I have a (paper) notebook full of scribblings and nowhere I *want* to type them.

If Liquid Story Binder was more like Scrivener, maybe I could adapt. There'd still be the screen size issue, but at least the software hurdle would be overcome. Meanwhile, I stall.
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Woke up this morning at about 6am (early for me - I don't like mornings) from a dream in which I had:
1 - submitted something to an editor I respected and had worked with before
2 - received a tl;dr type email reply from said editor, that thoroughly critiqued both the submission and everything else I'd ever written,
and 3 - started composing a contrite reply.

I don't usually dream about reading words in enough detail to remember them when I wake up (let alone start drafting email replies), but certain phrases stuck in my head; probably because they're the sort of thing I'm paranoid about.

"Your characterization is weak,"
"Your characters are very flat and two-dimensional,"
"You spend too much time writing about your characters' thought processes,"
"Your plotting is weak..."
etc etc.


Or, okay. At least not 100% true (or I never would have sold anything). But obviously they're things I worry about enough to give my subconcious paranoia something to hold on to.

I know this is my inner editor run amok and fear mongering. What I don't entirely know is why. And it's hard to argue with your subconcious. Dwelling on it may just exacerbate the problem.

Meantime, the day job beckons. There are times I wish we kept pre-ground coffee on hand for the mornings, but I much prefer the taste of fresh-roasted and fresh-ground stuff. Commute first, then coffee.

1 for 3

Apr. 8th, 2010 11:05 am
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Saying "another rejection" makes it sound worse than it is. Out of three submissions, I've had one acceptance, so at the moment that's still pretty good. I know the number of subs the market has been receiving has also been increasing, so I'm not upset about it.

I do sometimes worry that my stories lack something that I can only describe as "sophistication". I've been thinking about this for a while, trying to figure out how to express what I mean. It's not necessarily that the stories are simplistic, or the work of a juvenile writer. (The feeling that I'm still a teenager trying to write like an adult is a not entirely separate issue but more about how being trans skews perspective than about the stories themselves.) Rather, I think I struggle with condensing plot down to short story length, and end up with stories I'm not entirely satisfied with (unsophisticated) because I've had to pare down so much.

I should face the fact that I'm most comfortable writing in the long story to novella range and focus on my strengths, I think. Which means I should finish Carnival first and foremost, and polish it, and work on Node revisions.

Thoughts on lacking plot when I lack strong characters need a separate post.


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