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Some news:

1 - Reminder that my story "Baggage Check" is elibigle for various best short story awards this year.

If you like it, please consider giving it a spot on your ballot.

2 - Fierce Family is now available, and contains my story "Come Away to the Water."

15 exhilarating stories of QUILTBAG families experiencing adventure, disaster, and triumph make up Fierce Family. They are families of any constellation: all sizes and configurations, families of choice as well as families by birth. They are caring and connected – when outside conflict arises, they come together to defend and aid one another. Fiercely, and without hesitation.

3 - I'm going to attempt updating my WordPress blog, such as it is. You can find it over here: Life's An Open Book.
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I have not updated in far too long. Not for lack of things to post about, but rather for lack of time and inclination.

So about that anthology I co-edited...

Since I last posted, Menial: Skilled Labor in Science Fiction was released, and I attended Arisia 2013. I thoroughly enjoyed the panels I did get to, and I should at least make note of what they were, but I don't have the list handy at the moment. I didn't bother with panel notes, though, so there won't be any panel writeups. Boston was cold. Yes, colder than Toronto.

Menial seems to be going over well. You can find it here on GoodReads, and there are interviews scattered around the internet that I really should collect up, but haven't yet.

And then there's FISH...

The FISH anthology is now available! It includes my flash fiction, "I Know a Secret." There's an interview with me up on the web site. (Which, yes, is what reminded me to update over here.)

Other writerly news...

I sold a short story to the Crossed Genres Magazine 2.0! My first pro sale! Look for "Baggage Check" in June.

And I've been struggling with De Quervain's tenosynovitis (tendonitis in the thumb) which has made life extra challenging. But it seems to be improving finally.
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This month is the last month to read/buy Crossed Genres Issue 20 Lies, which includes my short story Carefully Constructed.

This wasn't my first short story sale, but it is probably my favourite, because it's set in the world of my (unpublished, under revision) novel. Jaz, the protagonist of "Carefully Constructed", is one of the main characters in the novel.

Other things of note:

Science In My Fiction is currently running their second annual contest. Get your submissions in before August 31st!

Kay's most recent blog post may be of particular interest to those plotting Off-Earth adventures.

CGP is also still open to submissions of spec-fic novels. Guidelines here.

And of course, the theme for this month's Crossed Genres Magazine submissions is Sidekicks & Minions. Get your subs in before the end of the month.

(If you're working ahead and prepping for July submission, remember the theme for July is Villains - but don't submit until July!)

And finally - CGP will be releasing Kelly Jenning's novel Broken Slate on July 15th. Spread the word! You can read the first 8 chapters online!

Oops, one more: In non-Crossed Genres news, Red Stone Science Fiction is running a contest as well. The identity-themed story contest runs until August 15.

I'm sure there are others that deserve a shout-out, but that's all I can think of right now.
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Started a new job on Tuesday, which seemed fitting -- it's amazing how long the school-year conditioning affects the brain. Of course, this also meant that I spent Monday night tearing the condo apart looking for my SIN card and, failing, had to make a side trip to City Hall first thing before work to apply for a replacement.

Still, arrived in good time and commenced what I have since dubbed "Operation Make Friends with Payroll". I highly recommend it. Today, a snafu that will result in my getting a manual check instead of direct deposit next week also resulted in two lovely chocolate croissants by way of apology.

Tuesday I also accepted an offer to become Social Media Coordinator for Crossed Genres, so expect to hear more about that (once I've got things organized).

And, in a fit of "things in threes", I've also been appointed co-Admin of a KoL clan.

Before starting new job, I replaced broken MacBook with an MSI Wind (adventures in tech wrangling deserve their own post), which I am currently (happily) using.

Meanwhile, I have also attended scrum meetings, discussed release notes, and migrated content to new templates. It's been a week! And it's not even over yet.

Now, back to test-knitting a pattern for my spouse.

Story sale

Jun. 11th, 2010 02:50 pm
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Sale! (Yes, yes, I've known for several days a week and been lax in updating.)

"Carefully Constructed" to Crossed Genres, for the July issue, "Lies".

This story is set in the world of my (first draft finished, don't ask how revisions are going >.> ) novel, The Node.

That working title has been the working title for about ten years. I don't know how I will ever adjust to calling it anything else, if the need arises.

Angst about the novel aside, it is still really exciting to see one of my boys and some of the world finally making a public debut. It is a little weird that it's Jaz and not To'mei, but maybe that makes sense given that To'mei gets an entire novel (or two) and Jaz is always secondary.
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So on a whim, I flung a story at AE's Micro Contest, and I am a runner-up! They're going to publish my teeny little 200 word story, along with four others.

You can read it here (PDF) -- "Detuned", and see their commentary on the winners here.

This rather counter-balances my decision not to drive myself crazy trying to finish a story for the midnight deadline for Crossed Genres' current issue. The story will keep, and expand, and grow into itself.

Meanwhile, I need to start edits on the (already 1st draft complete!) story for May's theme - Lies.


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