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Ad Astra is this weekend. I stopped in today during their open house hours (11am - 1pm free admission), to catch up with some folks. One friend couldn't make it at all due to crazy life business, but I did chat with Adam Israel and Beverly Bambury.

I also sat in on the Criticism and Critique in the 21st Century panel, which has inspired me to at least round up the long (for me) list of things I've read since acquiring my Kobo Touch.

To the list, with commentary, even! )
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I have acquired a Kobo Touch. Like all tech products, profit margin comes from the accessories, apparently. I may have to get inventive with the knitting/felting.

I am reading Witch Eyes by Scott Tracey for the Permanent Floating YA Diversity Book Clubs.

I highly recommend this lecture: Speak of the Dazzling Wings by Mike Carey, from the 2011 Toronto SpecFic Colloquium. (Assuming, of course, that you weren't there to hear it in person.)

There were other thoughts about this year's event, but I've lost them. Mmm. Mainly that I appreciated Daniel Heath Justice's talk about the intersection of Native mythology and modern myth/Specfic. Could have done with more from a non-European background (I love my Norse mythology, too, but... what about China? and Japan? and India?) Also, Caitlin Sweet and Lesley Livingston were highly entertaining, and convinced me to give both of their work a try. And of course Peter Watts' talk was fun.

I started reading The Night Circus (free book, won on twitter, courtesy of Random House Canada). Not impressed yet, but willing to continue.


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