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I still haven't managed to post all my con notes. Obviously good intentions got the better of me. Well, that and being sick for the two weeks before the holidays.

I don't do resolutions -- possibly because I feel more affinity for the Lunar New Year than the Gregorian one. Instead, it feels like a time of catching up (at least this week while things are still quiet at work).

1 - if I manage 300 words a day, that's roughly a chapter in ten days. That's not so bad.
2 - I am wasting far too much time playing LoZ: Spirit Tracks. As this is a short-term thing, however, I'm not terribly upset about it. It's not like I've succumbed to Civ V.
3 - I need to practice plotting at the short story (max 5k words) length. Great concepts and characters do not (always) a short story make.
4 - Having fun writing some fanfic. It's good for the instant ego boost. Now if only I hadn't written myself into a corner...

And, in completely unrelated to writing thoughts, I would really like to know where my head-soundtrack player picked up this old easy-listening/country song from. Enough! I need some new Matchbox Twenty (rumor is there will be some this year!).
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Submitted a story today -- before the final deadline, even.

... One of these days I will stop leaving things til the last possible extension. Maybe.

In the meantime, I have become addicted to Echo Bazaar. It pleases my writerly need for interactive fiction, with a few shiny graphics.


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