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[A note about my panel notes - I jot down the things I find interesting, not necessarily with the connecting thoughts or any concern for flow. Sometimes things are quoted verbatim; sometimes paraphrased - I'm not good at noting the difference.]

Magic in the Big City
With its banality and cynicism, what does it take to make magic become a reality in a modern city? The challenges to writing about the supernatural in a metropolis are many, but they are not insurmountable. In fact, there are many reasons a city is the ideal setting for magical happenings. Join our panelists and learn how they take magic to the streets.
Jim Butcher, Lesley Livingston (m), Kelley Armstrong

First question, why magic in the city?

JB - to prove a point to teacher
-- loves fantasy and PI fiction
-- parallels between wizards and PIs -> derive power from finding knowledge

KA - characters tend to avoid big city
-- rural/small town settings
-- Anne Rice as eye-opener -> monsters could be protaganists

LL - fairies in NYC
-- research -> turn of century brought end of pop culture of fairies. why?
-- history of city gave plot points

KA - the bigger the location, the smaller the role of the setting (in her work)
-- perfers to worldbuild small towns

JB - teacher said can't use Kansas City (don't step on Laurel K. Hamilton's toes)
-- therefore, options on globe/map: NYC (superheroes), LA (LA), DC (politics)... that left Chicago
-- especially likes specific settings for short fic
-- eg coal tunnels under city
-- advantage of big city -> can pull off almost anything

LL - history of city as fodder
-- Green man story [heard this at Colloquium last year]

KA - uses history/myth of time period rather than of specific place
-- cougars on Vancouver island
-- locals as sounding board

JB - hasn't had much local feedback
-- gets called on things 8 or 9 y later (eg stadium with no parking)

[and then I gave up on notes, but it was still fun listening]


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