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[A note about my panel notes - I jot down the things I find interesting, not necessarily with the connecting thoughts or any concern for flow. Sometimes things are quoted verbatim; sometimes paraphrased - I'm not good at noting the difference.]

Alternate Canadian Histories
What if the Vikings had successfully settled Atlantic Canada? What if Louis XV had kept Quebec in the Treaty of Paris in 1763? What if the war of 1812 had a different outcome? Or if the Red River Rebellion had resulted in an independent republic of Assiniboia? What would our country look like today? This panel examines the options.
Eric Choi, Matthew Johnson, Neil Jamison-Williams (m)

EC - "Arrow Dreams" anthology of Canadian Alt History (1998?)

"The Well of Time" - Viking alt history
Inuit moving East, Vikings moving West, intersection thereof

- claims to land being made based on legend - e.g. Arthurian colonies vs Pope giving territory to Spain
- Vikings would have had to adapt, live like Acadians?
- MUN Avalon Chronicles
-- "at contact" sources

if Viking settlement had worked
- socio-techno gap not as great at first contact, but then could become Australia-like isolation before 2nd wave of Eurpoean immigration

What if France hadn't given up Quebec in 1763?
- footprint of New France - central corridor
- rec for "Ghost Empires" (non-fic)

- issue of Westward expansion
- influence on American revolutino
- sale of land for revenue -> to who?

War of 1812
- mistaken American assumptino that they'd be welcomed as liberators
- up to war -> crown supported Native allies
-- after -> crown abandoned, change to "paternal" relationship
- economic strength of Native cultures ended by fur trade monopoly
- Simcoe letters (NTS: look into)
- what if Brits hadn't been tired of Napoleanic war and therefore not settled at "draw" with Americans?
- Battle of Plattsville as turning point?

1837 Rebellions
- no way to be successful?
- too much Loyalist support for crown
- what if things in England had changed?
-- Reform Act, Catholics getting vote? -> civil war in england ?
-- Radicals support for colonies independence
Sterling's "The Difference Engine" -> Radicals
- impact of deadlocked Upper and Lower Canada, impetus for confederation, impact of expansion to west

Quebec Referendum
- "On the Edge" in Arrow Dreams
- yes vote in the 80's? - Eric's story in Tesseracts 6
- BNAs still in effect
- "The Underdogs" - PQ aligning with USSR
- if Trudeau had lost referendum, how would that have changed constitution?

- coming out of WWII -> fifth largest military
- five years later -> "peacekeepers"

- Red River as obstacle to "national dream" of railroad
-- therefore had to be squashed
-- but what if Riel had been more tactical?


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